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As you know our color inspiration comes from the original designer, mother nature and I have to say she does a fabulous job! So with that being said, our color trend feature comes from the bright and beautiful peacock feather and the deep blue sea, teal and aqua. I am loving the use of these two colors. They are so FRESH and VIBRANT. You can mix them with bright colors, such as lime, orange or red. Or you can tone them down and combine them with jewel tones, such as deep purples and green, there are many color combinations and depending on which direction you go will set the tone of your wedding. So enjoy the beautiful inspiration!

Color Combination #1: Teal and Orange

I love this wedding! It took place on St. John’s Island at a little beach called Hawksnest. The bride chose to go with a teal and citrus orange. It is so fresh and fun, it fits the whole tropical feel, while keeping it sophisticated.


beautiful cake

love the simplicity of this cake

wedding0601Love the beautiful orange orchids against the bright teal table runner. And the white, just makes the color combination so fresh and beautiful.

wedding0641wedding0661wedding070Some fun colored flip flops for the guests. Again this wedding is a great source for color inspiration. I love it! The photography was done by Jules of julesbianchi.com. She did a fantastic job!

Color Combination #2: Teal and Navy

This is definitely a WOW wedding. Everything is so classy and beautiful. I love the bridesmaid’s hair pieces, so elegant….

sh-wed0031sh-wed0021sh-wed0041Another great use of the color teal! These photos were taken by Amelia Lyon Photography

To be continued……..


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